Refund policy

1. The user can at any time replenish his account opened in the FILTIMPAY payment system, or withdraw funds using payment systems and other methods of replenishment and withdrawal of funds available on the site

2. After checking the identity of the User’s Payment Instrument data entered by the User and the adequacy of the advance funds for the User to make the relevant Payment, Filtimpay notifies the User of the acceptance or refusal to execute the relevant Payment, depending on the results of the verification of the User’s Payment Instrument and the balance of the advance funds.

3. Funds entered through a Visa, MasterCard MPS plastic card can be withdrawn from your account in accordance with the following rules:

3.1. If the User has not completed a single transaction, and if a request for a refund has been received within 60 days from the date of entry, the funds can be returned to the plastic card used during entry.

3.2. If the User made transactions, and if a request for a refund was received within 60 days from the day of input, the funds can be returned to the plastic card used during the input in an amount not exceeding the amount of input. All funds in excess of the input amount can be withdrawn by bank transfer, or by other methods providing for the verification of the User.

3.3. Refund is possible only in case of non-use of funds that were credited to the client’s account by paying for the purchase of EMF.

3.4. Refunds of payments made using the FILTIMPAY Payment service as payment for goods, work, services purchased from Suppliers are carried out to the User’s bank account from which the last Payment was made.

4. When withdrawing funds through electronic payment systems, a transfer is possible only to the same system and to the same details within the system from which the account was replenished (in the same currency). If the account is replenished with various input methods, in different currencies and from various details, the withdrawal is made to these details in a proportional ratio, or to one of the input methods used by the User.

5.If you change the details of the User within the payment system FILTIMPAY for any reason, the User is obliged to notify the System Operator about this, with the addition of a scanned image of a document proving the identity of the User. Otherwise, the Operator, in order to prevent cases of fraud, has the right to refuse to withdraw funds to the changed details.

6.The payer (User) has the right to reimbursement from his payment service provider for the amount of the allowed payment transaction initiated by or through the payee and already executed, subject to the following conditions:

6.1 when issuing the permit, the exact amount of the payment transaction was not indicated;

6.2. the amount of the payment transaction exceeded the level that the payer could reasonably expect, taking into account his previous expenses, the terms of his framework agreement and other circumstances relevant to this case.

7. In order to apply subparagraph 6.2. the payer cannot refer to the reasons related to the currency exchange operation if the reference exchange rate agreed upon with his payment service provider in accordance with clause d) of paragraph (1) of article 38 and subparagraph b) of paragraph (1) of article 42 was used Law No. 114 of May 18, 2012 on Payment Services and Electronic Money(RF).

8. At the request of the Operator, the payer shall provide information on specific elements relating to the conditions specified in clause 6.

9. Compensation in the sense of clause 6 corresponds to the full amount of the payment transaction performed.

10. Filtimpay does not regulate and does not control the eligibility of the User’s transaction with the Supplier, its conditions, as well as the fact and consequences of concluding, executing and terminating the transaction, including in terms of refund of such a transaction. Also, Filtimpay does not consider the User’s claims regarding non-fulfillment (improper performance) by the Suppliers of their obligations under a transaction concluded with the User, including obligations to transfer goods, provide services or perform work. These claims should be sent by the User directly to the Supplier at the location of hisCancellation policy and conditions

1. The user informs about the need to cancel the payment by sending an email to the FILTIMPAY support service indicating all payment details, including the payment date, amount, check number assigned during payment, etc., as well as the reason for the cancellation.

2. The operator undertakes to take all measures depending on it to cancel this payment.

3. Within ten days from the moment of accepting the cancellation application containing all the data necessary for the cancellation, the Operator informs the User about the cancellation results. If the payment was canceled successfully, the Operator returns the funds to the User’s account in FILTIMPAY. If this payment cannot be canceled, the Operator informs the user about the reasons why this operation is not possible.

Claim handling

n the event that the User has claims related to his maintenance of the FILTIMPAY payment system, he can contact the Operator in Live Chat to resolve issues in real time, by e-mail:, or contact us by filling out the feedback form

The received claim is considered within no more than 10 banking days from the date of receipt of the claim, a response is provided to the User in writing by e-mail, within no more than 30 days from the date of receipt of the claim.