Offer to operators

Платежи и Денежные переводы без границ

The e-commerce market is by far the fastest growing and, undoubtedly, has a significant impact on the economy of any technologically developed country. Every day, new electronic stores and trading floors open on the Internet, companies that are far from this a few years ago begin to provide their services online. The e-commerce market is growing, developing, and opens up new opportunities for you.

Filtimpay international payment system offers you to join your dynamic business. Become a part of Filtimpay, develop an electronic payment system under the Filtimpay brand and get a stable and high income.

By becoming our agent, you get access to the wide international Filtimpay network, which makes it possible to process electronic payments, money transfers, and create e-commerce systems of any complexity. Maintenance of the payment system and all its services is entirely performed by the main operator of the payment system. The operator is vested with the authority and responsibility to carry out contractual, marketing, advertising and other activities related to attracting and escorting customers, both individuals and legal entities – users of the Filtimpay system in the territory of the operator.

If your company has the necessary conditions and capabilities for carrying out financial activities and you want to join the Filtimpay international payment system as an operator, please contact the system administration.

The “Settlement Bank of the Operator” and the “Bank-acquirer of the Operator” are usually the same bank. This is done in order to optimize payment transactions and reduce costs. It is also possible that for the same purposes, merchant accounts of operator’s subscribers are also created in the bank in which the operator’s accounts are located.

In cases where the volume of payments in the operator’s territory is quite high, in order to increase the reliability and speed of payment processing, processing equipment and software can be located in the operator’s country.