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In a narrow sense, kosher is a set of laws on food permitted and prohibited by the Torah. But at the same time, the words “kosher” (“clean”, “correct”, “suitable”) refer to any thing or phenomenon, if they correspond to the Jewish law – haloxe.
The word “kosher” (Hebrew) literally means “suitable”, suitable and is used to denote anything that is suitable for a Jew according to religious rules, for example, “kosher clothing”, “kosher lifestyle” or including “kosher payments ”or even“ kosher money ”.

Kosher history
The people of Israel received the laws of kosher from God Himself in the Sinai desert.

Moshe taught the Jews how to do them correctly.
The basics of these laws are written in the Torah, in the books of Vikr (Chapter 11) and Dverim (Chapter 14).
Clarifying details were passed down orally from generation to generation and were finally written down in the Mishna and Talmud. Later, the Rabbinical Court passed various orders guaranteeing the observance of these laws.
Our banking is “Kosher”. It not only serves Jews around the world, but also carries out the kosher movement of electronic money without mixing it with other non-kosher cash flows.
Financial services fully comply with the laws of Judaism, prescribed in the holy books of the Jews and claiming kosher certification