Children’s banking

Why do children, parents and banks need
need baby banking

Financial literacy of children
Children love to feel independent, mature and fashionable. With a children’s card, you can receive pocket money from parents in two clicks and just as easily spend it online and offline.
It is convenient because you do not have to count your change in the store and carry change in your pocket. It is safe, because it is impossible to lose money or become a victim of extortionists and thieves – the card will be immediately blocked. And you can still save on the bike and buy Vkontakte stickers.
The social component also plays a role: it is interesting to flaunt your own bank card in front of your friends. This is good for the bank too – perhaps friends will want the exact same card and ask their parents to open an account.
Children’s banking is a completely new and unique opportunity to introduce children from 6 to 18 years old to financial literacy and the opportunity for them to carry out banking operations in accordance with the legislation limiting the participation of children in the banking sector.