FiltimPay API 2.0

We offer our users software integration to manage their own funds,automation and integration of payment instruments as well as convenient control over operations.

Using the API, you can get information about the status of your FiltimPay accounts, get a payment status, or perform operations in the FiltimPay system, such as currency exchange, paying FiltimPay partners’ bills, recurring payments, etc.

Our developers have done everything to ensure that the integration of our API into your site is safe, simple and fast.

We have unified all the best that is on the market for high-quality software and web programming, so that you can, with maximum comfort and with minimal time expenditures, implement the mechanisms of our PS operation into your sites and applications through data exchange.

The interface for programmatic exchange of information is implemented over the HTTP protocol over a secure protocol in the JSON format, which is convenient for integration. Requests are sent by POST and GET methods. Each request must be signed according to a special algorithm with a key obtained in the FiltimPay personal account (API section) and encoded using the base64 protocol for ease of transmission over the Internet, and sent in the data variable to the address for requesting requests: https:

The format of requests for the status of accounts in FiltimPay

You can get background information and information about your balance.
Use the following queries to get information about the status of your selected account, as well as the allowed transactions with your accounts.
The request fields contain the main field presented in this plate, as well as additional fields, depending on the selected main field:


possible field values:
acclist (list and balance of accounts)
projlist (list of projects (merchant)
accallow (a list of permitted operations and their codes with a description: replenishment, withdrawal, exchange, commission)
history (list of operations for the period …)
signature field
Exchange rate
signature field

get a description of the fields for the recipient’s payment gateway
Additional field:
gateid (from the gateway directory)
signature field