Our payment system is not only an e-business promotion system, but also participating in programs International Children’s Charity Fund “Filtim” , aimed at helping children suffering from serious diseases of the heart, brain, cancer and other diseases that are dangerous to their lives, is also a system – a carrier of social projects .

The FiltimPay payment system directs part of its profit to the implementation of these and other Filtim ICF programs to help children.

The data accents of charitable activities of the payment system FiltimPay in no way affect the degree of costs of suppliers of goods and services, as well as their consumers .

Thus, each provider of services or goods, connecting to the FiltimPay Payment system and cooperating with it, the supplier of goods and services, as well as their consumer, automatically becomes its partner and is called “Partner participating in charity activities .

Extend your strong hand to a small child’s hand – connect your business to the FiltimPay payment system – and then the world around us will become even brighter!